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Join me for in person events throughout Tehachapi, Bakersfield and

Bear Valley Springs. Check out upcoming events, bring a friend and join the fun!

 Booking private events and fundraisers

email to book a private paint party session or click on paint party info.

NO Experience needed!

All supplies brought to your home!

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Pet Commissions 

Get your personalized pet photo today!


paint your pet- Ebonys.jpg
paint your pet- Ebony example.jpg

Get your pet drawn today!! 

16x20 canvas painted $50

Pencil with color $30

11x14 canvas painted $40

Pencil with color $20 

Email us your photo today!

Select your background color

Select an item ($)

Thanks for ordering!


Welcome to As Unique as the art! I teach Paint Night events throughout Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Bear Valley Springs

private paint party/fundraisers also available. 

Email me to check availability. 

phone:  661 869 7280 call or text


No Experience needed!!!


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